New X-servers binaries

Suhaib Siddiqi
Sun Jun 4 07:24:00 GMT 2000

The XGDI (VNC based X-server) and DXWin32 (DirectX
based X-server).

The binaries XGDI DXWin32 are based upon code
contributed by Hans de Boke.

You must install it in "usr" directory. X-server
seraches fonts and config files
in /usr/bin/X11 and /usr/lib on startup.

Upon startup X-servers will open a X-Window and auto
start xterm and twm (Windows
Manager).  Xterm and twm are Cygwin applications from
XFree86 ports and would open
two extra DOS shells in the background.  If you
attempted to close these
extra DOS shells, xterm and windows managers would be

To use XGDI, use startx.bat file

C:\> startx

To use DirectX based X-server, use startdx.bat file

C:\> startdx

These X-servers code is not part of XFree86 code base,
I have moved them to "contrib" directory. 

Suhaib Siddiqi

June 2, 2000


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