[cgf@cygnus.com: [ADMIN] Changes to ORBS spam blocking]

Suhaib M. Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Sun Jul 30 20:15:00 GMT 2000


Thanks.  I think ORBS is playing sort of nonsense with ISP, but
blocking 20 or so large ISP in the USA.  I once had a correspondence
with ORBS maitainer.
His only excuse was that they were not happy with those ISP,
unfortunately rr.com
(my ISP) is among them.  Last I heard from rr.com System Admin and
rr.com headquarter that
they were going to take matters to court against ORBS.


Chris Faylor wrote:
> I've just made a change to all of the sources.redhat.com mailing lists
> to avoid using sites that are blocked by ORBS (www.orbs.org) which were
> manually entered into the ORBS database.
> ORBS has recently been much more aggressive in listing whole ranges of
> IP addresses in their database.  They did this with a large internet
> provider in Australia.
> While, I sympathize with ORBS mission, I don't think that we can afford
> to participate in potentially turning off thousands of hapless emailers
> because ORBS has decided to play hard ball.
> So, sites that have been explicitly tested for open mail relays will
> still be blocked from posting here but some of the previously blocked
> addresses will now be allowed.
> I believe that this means that people in the rr.com domain may now be
> able to send messages here.
> The downside is that we may start seeing more spam.  I don't think that
> we have to worry about this, since we use many different services for
> spam blocking but, you never know.
> FYI,
> cgf

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