MSVC libraries (was: xterm crashes)

Gunnar Degnbol
Thu Jul 27 12:06:00 GMT 2000

At 09:07 27-07-2000 -0400, Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:
>The MSVC compiled X code (binaries) falls under X Consortium License, that
>mens you need not
>to maintain, disclose code you used for binaries.  However, I will not be
>or updating the code for MSVC available at
>therefore anyone (and you too) wants to have access to X11 code for MSVC,
>you must
>get it from there.  It will disappear after sometimes, when SourceForge
>folks notice
>no activity for six months.

I have got the source for MSVC.  I've included x11.dll and xext.dll in the 
new version of RSE 
( ).  I think I will make 
a zip file available with a project to build only the libraries, but I will 
not do much about maintaining the source.

RSE 0.21 also has some more options, a password dialog for rlogin, better 
error messages, and it can set the ESPEAKER variable, for use with the JEsd 
Esound server ( ).

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