MSVC libraries (was: xterm crashes)

Gunnar Degnbol
Thu Jul 27 05:51:00 GMT 2000

At 17:32 20-07-2000 -0400, Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:
>You cannot link libX11.a with VC++.  You can link only Cygwin compiled
>code using gcc which comes with Cygwin to libX11.a.
>For MSVC there is
>but that project is not any more active.  John Fortin
>was interested in it but he left and others who promised
>to provide development support disappeared.  I do not have enough
>brain and time to sponsor and spear-head multiple projects.
>Therefore I assume is
>almost dead and might disappear.  You might grab the
>libraries before from there before they vanish. Those
>X11 librareis should link with VC++.

I need MSVC libraries (only x11.dll and xext.dll) to get a cookie from 
XFree.  My Remote Shell Extension works with any X Server, so it cannot 
depend on Cygwin. How much difference is there on the library side between 
the MSVC/mingw and the Cygwin versions?  Is it more than the makefiles? 
Would it be possible for Cygwin-xfree to include client libraries for MSVC?

Perhaps I am better off distibuting the X libraries myself. But then I'd 
like to be able to point to a place to get the source (is it still under 
the xfree license? You talked about GPL'ing the cygwin fixes), while not 
having to maintain that myself.


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