black screen and font

Lu Lu
Tue Jul 25 06:47:00 GMT 2000

I installed the binaries of the lasted
xwin (4.0.1) together with other packages.
When I run startxwin it gives
a black screen (the monitor turns
off) and a few seconds later it goes
back to the windows desktop. 
If I issue XWin -screen 8 800x600x8
from the command line it gives the 
error that the defalt font 'fixed' could
not be found. 
I've already added /usr/X11R6/bin etc.
to my PATH. The font package is 
also installed. And I try to give the
font path directly on the command line
using the -fp switch. But still it doesn'
help. This font problem is the only
fatal error xwin gives. Other than that
all screens are added successfully.
I run w2k pro with a tnt2 m64 video card.
Lu Lu

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