makedepend in 2000-07-19 xfree86-4.0-Prog.tar.bz2

Christian Jönsson
Sat Jul 22 04:33:00 GMT 2000

I was just wondering if makedepend in the 2000-07-19 version of xfree86-4.0 for cygwin-1.1.2 is known to have problems?

I'm trying to use it to make depend on the tcl cvs sources but I get an error:

<stuff deleted>
.c ../tcl/unix/../generic/tclStubLib.c
makedepend: error:  cannot rename Makefile to Makefile.bak
make: *** [depend] Error 1

Is this well-know or a bug that sneaked in in the latest version or is it perhaps an issue for the tcl cvs sources you think?



BTW, I'm currently not subscribed to this specific list so please cc: me if you respond.

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