Xfree8686 4.0.1 based new binaries for Windows

Robert Cicconetti rcicconetti@mdo.net
Thu Jul 20 20:37:00 GMT 2000

That did it.. thanks. 7/19 cygwin1.dll snapshot.

I've been working on getting GTK/GLIB working with Cygwin/Xfree (there's a
Win32 port for gimp, but it's poorly packaged for use with Cygwin tools, and
quite buggy last time I tried it.)

glib/gtk 1.2.8 compiles almost cleanly with this snapshot, requiring a
one-line change in glib.

I have binaries for contrib if anyone is interested.
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To: "Robert Cicconetti" <zarquon@resnet.gatech.edu>;
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Subject: RE: Xfree8686 4.0.1 based new binaries for Windows

> Try the cygwin1.dll from July 17th snapshots.
> Suhaib

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