xterm crashes

Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Thu Jul 20 11:44:00 GMT 2000

and which version of Cygwin1.dll?  I hope not B20.1???


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> Subject: xterm crashes
> I'm using NT4.0 and an Exceed X-Server and I tried
> to get the xterm out of Xfree to work.
> Before I used the xterm out of B20 but this had 
> some problems and my big hope was the xterm out of
> Xfree.
> I copied the xterm.exe on my NT box, at the first
> start i got the message that libXpm.dll was missing,
> so I copied the libXpm.dll out of the Xfree DLLs to 
> my NT box and the xterm started.
> But after copying also the libX11.dll, libXext.dll,
> libSM.dll and libICE.dll from Xfree to my NT box the 
> xterm give me the error message:
>    0 [main] xterm 1065 handle_exception:
>  914 [main] xterm 1065 stackdump: Dumping.......
> If I start the xterm out the B20 with this DLL configuration,
> it starts up.
> Here comes my second problem and the reason why I updated also
> the other DLLs.
> I have ported a Unix app. to NT which is using the X-lib only,
> no other X libs. I used the Exceed dev. kit and got it running.
> Now I wanted to link it against the libX11.a from Xfree.
> I changed the include paths and library paths (I'm using VC++6.0)
> and got a successful link.
> But starting the app. I got:
>   User breakpoint called from code at 0x1406560
> and then it crashes. It gives me the error messages after
> jumping in the call to XOpenDisplay. The string for the display
> is OK, also changing the display to my Linux box has the same
> result. It gives the same message with the DLLs out of B20 and Xfree.
> If I link it against the libX11.a out of B20 I got a signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
> on the same place.
> What do I make wrong ?
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Ronald Kukuck

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