xterm crashes

Ronald Kukuck rkukuck@uumail.de
Thu Jul 20 11:38:00 GMT 2000

I'm using NT4.0 and an Exceed X-Server and I tried
to get the xterm out of Xfree to work.
Before I used the xterm out of B20 but this had 
some problems and my big hope was the xterm out of
I copied the xterm.exe on my NT box, at the first
start i got the message that libXpm.dll was missing,
so I copied the libXpm.dll out of the Xfree DLLs to 
my NT box and the xterm started.
But after copying also the libX11.dll, libXext.dll,
libSM.dll and libICE.dll from Xfree to my NT box the 
xterm give me the error message:

   0 [main] xterm 1065 handle_exception:
 914 [main] xterm 1065 stackdump: Dumping.......

If I start the xterm out the B20 with this DLL configuration,
it starts up.

Here comes my second problem and the reason why I updated also
the other DLLs.
I have ported a Unix app. to NT which is using the X-lib only,
no other X libs. I used the Exceed dev. kit and got it running.
Now I wanted to link it against the libX11.a from Xfree.
I changed the include paths and library paths (I'm using VC++6.0)
and got a successful link.
But starting the app. I got:

  User breakpoint called from code at 0x1406560

and then it crashes. It gives me the error messages after
jumping in the call to XOpenDisplay. The string for the display
is OK, also changing the display to my Linux box has the same
result. It gives the same message with the DLLs out of B20 and Xfree.
If I link it against the libX11.a out of B20 I got a signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
on the same place.

What do I make wrong ?
Any ideas?


Ronald Kukuck

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