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Suhaib Siddiqi
Wed Jul 19 03:56:00 GMT 2000

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> Hello.
> I am trying the Cygwin 1.1.2 port of Xfree applications on an NT
> workstation. This port is a great job, as all the Cygwin work is. My X
> server is Exceed V6.1, in multiple windows mode, with a native WM for
> embedded clients.
> I have some difficulties with Xterms.
> First, I try to launch an xterm from a shortcut or from the menu.
> But when I
> do this, there is always a Dos command shell popping behind my xterm.
> Killing it kills also the xterm. I must chain a second "xterm&" in the
> xterm, then kill the first xterm, then kill the Dos window (in this order)
> to have a simple xterm on the screen. There should be a simpler way to
> launch an xterm.
> Starting the shell iconified is not a response, because this left a dos
> command icon on the bottom bar, apart from the xterm icon itself.

if you do not want to see extra DOS windos of xterm, use Cygwin bash sell
and start
xterm like you do on UNIX from a shell.

> Second, I prefer using tcsh than bash as my interactive shell.
> There are two
> versions of it (curses and termcap). When launching the curses
> version in an
> xterm, I get :
> 	tcsh.curses: No entry for terminal type "xterm"
> 	tcsh.curses: using dumb terminal settings.

FIX your curses files.

> What can be done to avoid this message ? And do anyone know the
> interests of
> the two versions of tcsh ?
> 	J.R.
> EADS Launch Vehicles (previously Aerospatiale-Matra Lanceurs)
> Les Mureaux, France

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