launching xterm

Wed Jul 19 02:21:00 GMT 2000

I am trying the Cygwin 1.1.2 port of Xfree applications on an NT
workstation. This port is a great job, as all the Cygwin work is. My X
server is Exceed V6.1, in multiple windows mode, with a native WM for
embedded clients.

I have some difficulties with Xterms.

First, I try to launch an xterm from a shortcut or from the menu. But when I
do this, there is always a Dos command shell popping behind my xterm.
Killing it kills also the xterm. I must chain a second "xterm&" in the
xterm, then kill the first xterm, then kill the Dos window (in this order)
to have a simple xterm on the screen. There should be a simpler way to
launch an xterm.
Starting the shell iconified is not a response, because this left a dos
command icon on the bottom bar, apart from the xterm icon itself.

Second, I prefer using tcsh than bash as my interactive shell. There are two
versions of it (curses and termcap). When launching the curses version in an
xterm, I get : 

	tcsh.curses: No entry for terminal type "xterm"
	tcsh.curses: using dumb terminal settings.

What can be done to avoid this message ? And do anyone know the interests of
the two versions of tcsh ?


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