re. Now a XFree86 4.0 based X-server

Suhaib Siddiqi
Tue Jul 18 16:30:00 GMT 2000

> I came across your announcement of an XFree86
> 4.0-based X server. 


> "Peter Busch gave a big hand in writing a DirectX
> based
> dynmically loaded library and fixing bugs.
> Soooooooooooooo!!!!!
> Here is a first version of "stable" XFree86 4.0
> based
> X-server.
> Get the xfree86-4.0-xwin.tar.bz2 from
> Unzip and untar in a /usr directory.  Grab rest of
> the archives from xc-4-binaries directory on
> Sourceware
> or get X-servers-v-1.0.tar.bz2 from contrib
> directory."
> - However, I can't log into the ftp server, Anon
> login is not working. 
> - I was hoping this would provide me a free X server
> forWin32. However, I
> see you are instructing people to untar into a /usr
> directory, which is
> present only in UNIX systems, not on Win32. So am I
> wrong?

Yes you are 100% wrong.  Subscribe to Cygwin adn
Cygwin-xfree mailing lists. Refer to

Learn the Cygwin world which runs on Windows and might
amaze your Nokia Telephone enginners if they have not
heard about it.

> Can you please let me know the answer to the above
> points? Thanks!

Further questions, please ask through appropriate
mailing list.


> mario

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