Suhaib Siddiqi
Sun Jul 16 17:11:00 GMT 2000

Couple of users who directly e-mailed me for
NEdit-5.1.1 binaries, and were unable to compile
themselves, could get it from

NOTE: They are absolutely unsupported, except problems
with X11 dlls you encounter.. Nedit specific questions
should be taken to mailing list.

Sorry, for the rude replies.  But folks need
to bring their acts together.  Next time they better
not ask me for help.  They approached a while ago
asking help to get Nedit compiled under Cygwin, since
then they neither posted binaries on their URL not
acknowledged it, instead one of the
maitainer distributes my pre-compiled binaries which
supposed to be distributed through from his
personal URL with no notes.


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