Installing cygwin/xfree : it works !

GRENON Richard
Mon Jul 10 04:23:00 GMT 2000

Hello Suhaib and others,

Thank you very much for your help. I needed a long time to understand,
but finally I got the good binaries. I am using the X-WinPro server and
I tested xterm, xclock, vtwm and an old Unix graphic code : all are
working perfectly without warnings.

The only remaining problems are from time to time abnormal terminations
when closing my graphic code or when  closing the X server, but I am
using Windows98 and this seems to be its normal behaviour. I have also
these problems with Windows applications.

I have read on the mailing list your comments about Xwin on Win95 and
Win98. Not very optimist! I have Windows98 but I don't like it because I
don't find it very stable: it does not start always correctly and
sometimes starting applications may fail. As I plan to test other X
servers, could you suggest one which would not have too much trouble
with Windows98?

And although this is not the subject of this mailing list, could you
tell me what you think of Windows millenium ? Maybe I would make the
step to update my system.

Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,

 Richard GRENON
 Departement d'Aerodynamique Appliquee - DAAP/ACI
 phone : +33 1 46 73 42 17
 fax   : +33 1 46 73 41 46 (home) (office)

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