Installing cygwin/xfree : it works ! ( almost )

Fri Jul 7 18:31:00 GMT 2000

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> Remove all traces of cygwin B20.  Download SETUP.exe from cygwin/latest.
> Run it, and tell it to download from the internet, and choose your closest
> mirror.  More detailed instructions can be found on the cygwin web page,
> the cygwin announce archive.
> Robert Cicconetti

Thanks Robert,

But that's exactly what I did on June 27 : I have removed all traces of
cygwinb20 then I have downloaded setup.exe from cygwin/latest at and I told it to install from internet. I got cygwin1.1.2
but what I don't understand is what should I download for X11 to
make it work with cygwin1.1.2?

Should I download all files in xc-4-binaries except those with the string
"cygwinb20" ? I did not find any setup.exe for X11 and I suggest to put
a README file to tell what X11 files should be downloaded with the
latest cygwin release to avoid confusion.

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