Installing cygwin/xfree : it works ! ( almost )

Fri Jul 7 12:48:00 GMT 2000

Hello Suhaib,
Thanks for your comments. I begin to understand 
where my problems come from. I am really confusing about distributions of Cygwin 
and Xfree.
My first test of Cygwin on April has been done 
with a full.exe file which installed CygwinB20, but many things were missing. 
When I decided to re-install a full up to date Cygwin on June 27, I could not 
find a full.exe file or a cygwinB20 directory on the ftp site. Where is 
cygwinB20 now ? I used the setup.exe from the latest directory but it installed 
Cygwin1.1.2 ( I have checked it with uname). I was thinking that cygwinB20 had 
been included in the latest release and that's why I downloaded the X11R6.3 and 
X11R6.4 tar files with names  including the "cygwinb20" 
So my question is : is there a full X11 distrib for 
cygwin1.1.2 or what should I download to have compatible Cygwin and X11 
distributions ?
Best regards,
Richard Grenon 40 Avenue de la Division 
Leclerc 92320 Châtillon - France e-mail :

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