Installing cygwin/xfree : it works ! ( almost )

Suhaib Siddiqi
Fri Jul 7 06:22:00 GMT 2000

> Hello Suhaib,
> Thanks for your quick reply. But I am not sure to well understand what
> you said.
> I got X11R6 at
> e/xc-4-binaries/
> on June 27.
> I downloaded  cygwin-xfree-x11r6.4-cygwin-B20.1.tar.bz2,
> xfree86-4.0-fonts.tar.bz2 and xfree86-4.0-Xterm.tar.bz2.
> It was the last release of June 10.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This for B20.1.  Too many
people are mixing
bibnaries for Cygwin B20.1 and 1.1.x.  I might delete B20.1 suported
binaries.  Everything in xc-4-binaries, except
are for cygwin 1.1.x

> When I use the X-WinPro X-server, xterm and mwm work fine but send the
> same warnings as they did when I tried to use XGGI.

Use Xterm from xfree86-4.0-Xterm.tar.bz2

The mwm is b20.1.  For Cygwin 1.1.x you can get mwm from Lesstif

> Do you mean that xterm and mwm from this distribution are written with
> GGI and GII libs? Do these xterm and mwm binaries send the same warnings
> with other X-servers ?

GGI/GII are used for input X... and XGGI is linked to them, thus GGI/GII
control the input and output, plus display.

> I think I will keep X-WinPro as it's easier for me to map my keyboard. I
> can also keep twm as it works fine, or configure X-WinPro to use the
> Windows98 window manager. But if you know other xterm and window manager
> binaries not linked with GGI or GII libs, I am ready to check them. If
> so, please tell me where I can find them.

none of the xterm binaries are linked to GGI.  Your problem is mixing X Dist
for B20.1
with XF86 for Cygwin 1.1.x.  Which definitely would cause all kind of
troubles and unstability.


> Best regards,
> --
>  Richard Grenon
>  40 Avenue de la Division Leclerc
>  92320 Châtillon - France

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