Installing cygwin/xfree : it works ! ( almost )

GRENON Richard
Fri Jul 7 06:09:00 GMT 2000

Hello Suhaib,

Thanks for your quick reply. But I am not sure to well understand what
you said.

I got X11R6 at
on June 27.
I downloaded  cygwin-xfree-x11r6.4-cygwin-B20.1.tar.bz2,
xfree86-4.0-fonts.tar.bz2 and xfree86-4.0-Xterm.tar.bz2.
It was the last release of June 10.

When I use the X-WinPro X-server, xterm and mwm work fine but send the
same warnings as they did when I tried to use XGGI.

Do you mean that xterm and mwm from this distribution are written with
GGI and GII libs? Do these xterm and mwm binaries send the same warnings
with other X-servers ?

I think I will keep X-WinPro as it's easier for me to map my keyboard. I
can also keep twm as it works fine, or configure X-WinPro to use the
Windows98 window manager. But if you know other xterm and window manager
binaries not linked with GGI or GII libs, I am ready to check them. If
so, please tell me where I can find them.

Best regards,


 Richard Grenon
 40 Avenue de la Division Leclerc
 92320 Châtillon - France


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