Installing cygwin/xfree : it works ! ( almost )

GRENON Richard
Fri Jul 7 03:17:00 GMT 2000

Hello Suhaib,

Finally I have given up with XGGI and I have downloaded a demo version
of the X-WinPro PC X-server at . It is really easy to
install and to configure for any kind of keyboard. You just have to
restart the server after 30 mn if you don't have the license (not very
expensive), but you have unlimited evaluation time. I recommend it for
beginners like me who just want to test X11R6.

I tried xterm, xclock, xsetroot, twm, mwm and an old Unix graphic code.
I have still a lot of tests to do but everything seems to work fine! I
catch keyboard events and Button press events on a french keyboard
without a problem!

I just have some warnings with xterm and mwm as I told you in other
mails : "locale not supported ...", "failed to open input method" with
xterm and similar things with mwm. Can you suggest me a way to remove
this warnings ? I have installed Cygwin with setup.exe from the latest
directory on June 27 and I also tried last binaries of xterm, but it
does not change anything.

Thanks again,


Richard Grenon
40 Avenue de la Division Leclerc
92320 Châtillon - France
e-mail :


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