Build Xfree?

Nils Lohner
Thu Jul 6 04:46:00 GMT 2000

In message < >, "Suhaib 
ddiqi" writes:
>> Thanks, I was about to post the same thing :)  Is there a way the list 
>> manager could automatically reject anything over say 50k?  Should 
>> be easy to 
>> set up...
>I cannot, I have to depend on trust that users would honor requests.
>However, I am cc'ing to mailing list, perhaps Chris Faylor or
>Sourceware System Admin can.

The problem isn't trust, its uneducated or new users who don't know the 
netiquette.  That's why I'd state a limit of 10k and protect against 100k or 
bigger in case someone doesn't know or accidentally attaches the wrong file 
etc.  You're not limiting that way but you are protecting against tme 2Mb 
file that gets emailed :)

Regards, Nils.

>> In message 
>> < >, "Suhaib 
>> Si
>> ddiqi" writes:
>> >
>> >PLEASE DO NOT POST Big attchments.  Not all the
>> >users have fast Internet connections.  Any
>> >attachment more then 10K is not acceptable.  Also no
>> >binary attachments to the mailing list.
>> >
>> >Suhaib
>> >

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