Build Xfree?

lee changkun
Thu Jul 6 01:56:00 GMT 2000

Dear Suhaib

Thank you for your help.

> >
> > make[3]: Entering directory `/Xsrc/xc/programs/Xserver'
> > rm -f XFree86.exe
> > rm -f Xprt.exe
> > rm -f Xnest.exe
> > rm -f Xvfb.exe -L../../lib/getsurf -lgetsurf
> > rm: invalid option -- L
> > Try `rm --help' for more information.
> > make[3]: *** [clean] Error 1
> This was a typo in xc/programs/Xserver/Imakefile.
> CVS should have it corrected.  You can edit xc/programs/Xserver/Imakefile
> with VI, search for -L../../lib/getsurf and delete it.

This is xc/programs/Xserver/Imakefile.

ServerTarget(XWin,$(XWINDIRS),$(XWINOBJS), \
-L$(TOP)/lib/getsurf -lgetsurf

What should i delete here?  At first i deleted only -L$(TOP)/lib/getsurf
-lgetsurf and i got another error message. Next I deleted this all and i got
another error messages.

I send you my log file and cf files.



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