Build Xfree2?

Wed Jul 5 03:42:00 GMT 2000

Dear Suhaib

This Error appers only if i build with win98, if i build it with win2000 it
does not apper.

0 [main] MAKE 22285 fork_copy: user/cygwin data pass 2 failed,
0x4590000..0x47B0000, done 0, Win32 error 8

In this time i built it again with from "contrib"
I installed it and copyed all the files /usr/local.
Should I copy the file usr/local/lib/libipc.a /usr/lib?
There are the file cygyipc.h and ipc.h in the usr/local/include/sys.
I copy the file ipc.h to cygipc.h.

I built it, but it's pity that i have got the same Error messages.

I have another quation.

After i changed   #define HasShmNO to YES in the file, i think
i have got more Error Mesages. But i have no ideas ..

Have you any suggestions?

Thank you your help.

Best Regards


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