Gerhard J. Theurich
Tue Jul 4 12:26:00 GMT 2000

Hi Suhaib,

Thanks for the info about Motif, excuse my ignorance. 

I downloaded the binary distribution of lesstif for cygwin1.1.* was able to
compile nedit5.1.1 (also managed to compile the older nedit5.0.2) BUT both
versions core dump on me with:

0 [main] NEDIT 1021 handle_exceptions: Exceptions: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

For now I went back to my old nedit5.0.2 that I had compiled with cygwinB20.1
and with your old X11R6.4/MOTIF dist..

What am I doing wrong here? All I did to build the nedit5.1.1 executable was to
add the lesstif path in the makefiles/Makefile.cygwin that came with nedit5.1.1.
I thought that maybe the binary distribution of lesstif caused the problems and
downloaded the sources and recompiled the Xm library, but same problem...

Oh on other thing I tried was to use the Motif2.0 in stead of Motif1.2 libraries
when I compiled nedit5.1.1. Needless to say without success. (I.e. nedit
compiles but core dumps as described above.)

Did you actually compile nedit5.1.1 your self? What am I missing?

Thanks for your help,

P.S. One last thing I tried was to use the makefiles/Makefile linux instead of
the makefiles/Makefile.cygwin file. -> Same result.

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