should I buy cygwin CD to complie Xfree?

Suhaib Siddiqi
Mon Jul 3 07:42:00 GMT 2000

What are the exact problems?

Your previous post with build errors indicates you
had a lot of *c.a nd *cf files mixed from tar-balls
and CVS.  The link time errors of -lipc not found
was due to olde Cygwin.rules file you were using with
new  In the new code I disabled #define
Youc an edit file and change #define HasShm
NO to YES.  But you will need IPC from and install it in
/usr/lib.  Also rename libcygipc.a to libipc.a.  The
IPC headers from IPC from Chuck needs a little
hacking, otherwise you might get a lot of compilation

The XFree compiles without problems with
Cygwin Net release.  Buying CD is your personal

I might start posting build log files.


--- lee changkun <> wrote:
> Dear  Suhaib Siddiqi and others!
> I tried to compile Xfree with cygwin, i think i
> tried it more than 50 times.
> It is  too diffidult  for me. Is it possblie to
> compile it with cygwin and
> Xfree which i downloaded from ftp?
> Or should i need the cygwin-CD version,  namely
> should i buy it for the
> building Xfree?
> Best Regards
> Lee

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