XGDI/XVNC server new version now available!!!

Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Mon Jan 31 09:16:00 GMT 2000

The new version of Hans de Bok's XGDI server based upon XVNC is
available now for download from:


You will need:

1) xvnc-win32.tar.bz2 (binaries only)
2) xvnc-win-src.tar.bz2 (source code only)

This server has AT&T VNC code borrowed therefore GPL for AT&T VNC
license applies on all the code under programs/Xserver/hw/vnc
The binaries are not linked to cygwin1.dll.

This version does not use any code from xfree86
(programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86) therefore does not classify as a port
of xfree86 to Win32.

This newest version offers fullscreen capabilities.  Please read the
README file in xvnc-win32.tar.bz2.

Anyone willing to take up the task of adding multi-windowing

Thanks to Hans de Bok for great work.  Also thanks to other
developers who are contributing to Cygwin Win32 X-server

Still to come Karra's DirectX server for xfree86!!!  Lately he hadd
very busy with work therefore his DirectX server had been delayed.


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