XServer Woes

John Fortin fortinj@attglobal.net
Thu Jan 27 09:02:00 GMT 2000

Matt Lewandowsky wrote:

> Do you have any tips on the font issues? I'm hoping to only have to use
> Exceed for XDMCP broadcasts and queries. I've been using the VNC-based
> server lately because all the commercial servers seem to have problems
> with IE5 on Solaris. All the buttons are pink and they don't recognise
> when it refreshes its windows.

You did run mkfontdir in each font directory??

> P.S. I was wondering if you plan on making a statically linked version
> for those without Cygwin. Or even if it's possible... I know that our
> DBA (who sits next to me), for one, doesn't need all of its
> functionality. (Such as everything else in the program folder.)

It will not happen until we get mingw versions of XGGI and X11 libs.


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