GDI based X-server available

Suhaib Siddiqi
Mon Jan 24 05:26:00 GMT 2000

Thanks.  It works now.  I noticed you hard coded the path /usr/lib
for searching fonts and RGB file.  Normally X11R6 stuff
is installed in /usr/X11R6.

It would be nice if you can modify the code so it works in
fullscreen mode?

I will put the binary plus source code of you GDI/XVNC based
server on cygwin-xfree Home page for end-users. 


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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 08:38:29 +0100
Subject: RE: GDI based X-server available

>>I cannot get your xvnc binary to work on my NT 4.0 SP 6a work.  I
>>tried it with your fonts and mines too, but in both cases it flashes
>>on the screen with "initallizing screen..." and disappers.
>>I will have a look at source code over the weekend.  It seems to me
>>a DLL initializatuion which causes xvnc to fail to initialize
>I attached a new executable, now error messages are shown in a
>this might give you a clue about what the problem can be. Please
>that the server is looking for fonts on the same drive as where you
>the executable. So if Xvnc is in d:/xvnc the fonts should be in
>Hope this helps !

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