GDI based X-server available
Thu Jan 20 06:11:00 GMT 2000

>Unfortunately, I think VNC canot be put on the same server as as
>The VNC code is owned by AT&T, though available free of cost but it
>does puts a lot of restrictions.  Therefore you do not see VNC code
>being redistributed by Linux vendors and at other public domain

According to the VNC homepage the VNC code is available under the terms
of the GNU Public Licence....

>Beside the lasted version of VNC binaries available from AT&T are
>native WIN32 port of VNC and XVNC, so what is advantage of having
>yours MSVC and Cygwin compiled binaries?

The native WIN32 port consists of VncViewer and WinVnc. WinVnc is a
native server for the rfb protocol and is NOT a Windows port of Xvnc !
Xvnc is a native unix server for the rfb protocol. It is in fact an X server
using the rfb protocol instead of keyboard/pointer-device/display
for input/output.

I first ported Xvnc to Windows. Running this ported Xvnc and VncViewer
on the same machine gives the same functionality as an X server, only
server and viewer still need a TCP/IP connection to communicate
using the rfb protocol.

The next step was to merge the source code of the ported Xvnc and the
source code of the native Windows VncViewer. The result is a X server for
Windows ! The viewer and server are now one, no more need for a TCP/IP
connection and the rfb protocol. This program has nothing to do with VNC
other then sharing a part of the source code.


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