GDI based X-server available
Thu Jan 20 02:34:00 GMT 2000

>> A first version of my GDI based X server is available for those
>> who are interested. It is basically a merge of a Windows port of
>> Xvnc and Vncviewer for Windows with the rfb layer removed. It works
>> fine with Imagemagick and many other programs but  it will crash on
>> a few tests of x11perf . Options are currently ignored: it is
>> "hardcoded" for 800x600x16. You only need the executable and the
>> default set of fonts. I have no website (yet) but I will email the
>> executable on request.

>Sounds cool. Perhaps the server can be put up next to the Cygwin
>ones? Is this compiled with Cygwin, or some other compiler? Also are
>you planning on putting the source code patches up for others to use
>and help development with?

The server is compiled, as a project, with Visual C++ because I don't
know how to compile programs that use the WIN32 API with Cygwin.
I planned to make the source code available, but first I want to
remove lots of unused code and rearrange some other parts.


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