XGGI Success!!

Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Fri Jan 7 04:10:00 GMT 2000

> > When do you plan on making it available for download?
> 	Probably next week.  I need to package it.  Just
> understand that this
> is an alpha version, and bugs are going to be there.
> >
> > Since I'm not familiar with XGGI, are we talking about
> a Cygwin compiled version here?
> > or MingW? or native? or ??
> The win32 version of XGGI is a cygwin executable for now.
>  Suhaib is
> working on a mingw version of the X11 libs.  When that happens, we
> should be able to create a native ( non-cygwin ) XGGI Server.

The XGGI executable which uses Cygwin is already available at

But you will need libGGI/DirectX libraries to use it... which will
be coming soon.


> The libGGI library will also be made available...
> John
> Checkout the XGGI Homepage.  It will explain it better than I can
> 	http://www.stacken.kth.se/~mackan/ggi/xggi/

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