XGGI Update

Dakshinamurthy Karra kd@blr.vsnl.net.in
Tue Jan 4 10:31:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 04 Jan 2000, John Fortin wrote:
> PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not another flame war on the various merits, right
or wrongness, GDI vs DirectX, approaches.  EVERY approach has pros and cons
associated with it.  The GOAL is to have a free X-Server available.  The more
types, the better.... But lets get at least one working first... 

Got the message. Desisting from making anymore comments ;-) 

> But again, why reinvent the wheel if it is not needed.  Suhaib has a great
deal of experience with the various compilers and the source.  So to me, if I
wanted to get something done efficiently, I would use the available resources
(namely Suhaib).

Here I differ. More the merrier applies to software development. We need more
people who understand the system and work on it. Taking help from Suhaib
without even attempting is bad.

Let us kill this thread here and get back to our semi working X Servers ;-)

-- KD

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