XGGI Update

John Fortin fortinj@ibm.net
Tue Jan 4 08:51:00 GMT 2000

> At no point in time I mentioned about splitting cygwin-xfree. I realize the fantastic work done by you, mike and fortin till now and sorry if you felt like that. However, I am not sure the methodology cygwin-xfree is using is the right approach (basing on xfree86, using GGI layer over and above directx and not concentrating on GDI based X-Server). That does not prevent me from contributing to the project.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not another flame war on the various merits, right or wrongness, GDI vs DirectX, approaches.  EVERY approach has pros and cons associated with it.  The GOAL is to have a free X-Server available.  The more types, the better.... But lets get at least one working first...

> > Since I have X code setup for Cygwin, MSVC and working on MingW32
> > I could look at your code and help you port to other compilers.
> >
> Please give me some time. How can I learn about cygwin/mingw if I take your help for porting without atleast giving it a try myself ;-)

But again, why reinvent the wheel if it is not needed.  Suhaib has a great deal of experience with the various compilers and the source.  So to me, if I wanted to get something done efficiently, I would use the available resources (namely Suhaib).

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