XGGI Update

kdmurthy@vsnl.com kdmurthy@vsnl.com
Tue Jan 4 08:28:00 GMT 2000

Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:
> I offered you a few times to e-mail me patches which I would NO
> doubt release ackowledging your authorship.  The e-mals went
> answered.
Unfortunately I have a very demanding day job, which allows me to work only during the weekends :-(. The code is not yet in a state where I can *display* to others. Once I clean it up, I will send the patches. Please note that having a working software doesn't mean that it is still releasable.

> In my opinion, it would not be good to split the cygwin-xfree
> project to several sites and some cygwin-xfree mailing list start
> their own sites... of course it is users choice.  It is a GPLed
> project and
> our aim is to provide Win32 users a free first-class X-server.
At no point in time I mentioned about splitting cygwin-xfree. I realize the fantastic work done by you, mike and fortin till now and sorry if you felt like that. However, I am not sure the methodology cygwin-xfree is using is the right approach (basing on xfree86, using GGI layer over and above directx and not concentrating on GDI based X-Server). That does not prevent me from contributing to the project.

> Since I have X code setup for Cygwin, MSVC and working on MingW32
> I could look at your code and help you port to other compilers.
Please give me some time. How can I learn about cygwin/mingw if I take your help for porting without atleast giving it a try myself ;-)


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