Newbie Question

Suhaib Siddiqi
Tue Jan 4 04:05:00 GMT 2000

*> Hi all,
>     I have to tell I'm new to xfree development (and not
> so experienced
> in Unix development),
> and I'll have to port a Linux graphics processing
> software (Cantata) to
> Win9x. So I started to read the CygWin and CygWin-XFree
> mail archives. I
> found that there are no working XServers yet, and I was
> sad about my
> lost-before-started project. Later I read that John
> Fortin has made a
> working xclock - that's what I wanted to do next. Now,
> I'm so confused
> about these two thingies:
>     - no XServer, and

cygwin-xfree is a development project.  The X-server are being
developed.  You can still use X11R6.x libs/development tools from
cygwin-xfree with Cygwin and port your "Cantata" to Windows.  You
would need a commercial Xserver to display your ported application
till our X-servers are functional.

>     - working xclock

Yes, that is right.  John had been working on XGGI since almost a
year.  He now has an x-server which is not yet ready to be released
for public.


> Anyone (preferably John), please write me about how to
> run that xclock
> (and any x clients) without an xserver.
> Thatks for your *quick* answer.
>                                 B.Csaba

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