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Margarita Maria here (the real live teenage girl that puts this whole 
thing together) to say that there is just one more easy step and you will 
be successfully subscribed to For Girls Only!!! the official e-zine for 
girls of the new millennium.

You are getting this letter because I have received a subscription 
request either from you personally or from someone who thought you 
would enjoy this FREE online service. Being the anti-spam person that 
I am, I need to make sure that you really want to receive this all-new 
Internet newsletter.

First, let me tell you my Privacy Policy: 
I do not tolerate Spam or junk e-mail. I personally guarantee that I will 
never sell or give your e-mail address to anyone.

For Girls Only!!! is the greatest new e-zine on the 'Net - chock-full of 
girly stuff; you know - Makeup tips, Hairdo Hints, and Free Kotex 

     *** JUST KIDDING!!! ***    

Actually, I COULD have done it that way, but I'd rather think
you're much smarter than to fall for that kind of lame poppycock.

So, it's really about growth and becoming happy with Who You Are
instead of trying to make yourself into someone else's idea of
"Miss Perfect." We'll talk about school, and boys, and family life, 
and lots of stuff girls need to know.

Because, Let's face it: GIRLS ROCK!!!

If you are not a girl, and have received this letter in error, I am very 
sorry, but, do not despair, I have a few constructive suggestions for you 
as alternatives to bashing your monitor in…
     1) Delete this message and forget about it, and have a fabulous day!
     2) Tell all the girls you know to subscribe to For Girls Only!!!
               because they will love you for it!
     3) Have a good laugh, because someone figured it would be a funny 
               joke to subscribe you to an e-zine designed for girls only.
     4) Go ahead and subscribe, and spy on the girls. (Be advised: girls 
                spy on guys, too!)

*** To join our FGO family, simply reply to this message without 
changing anything. Just click on Reply, then click on Send.

If For Girls Only!!! is not for you then simply delete this
message without replying. (Caution! Replying to this message for  
ANY reason will automatically subscribe you.)
Margarita Maria
Editor and Host: o)

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