XGGI implementation

Suhaib M. Siddiqi ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com
Mon Feb 21 13:48:00 GMT 2000

Try setting GGI_DEBUG env
in a bash shell type
export GGI_DEBUG=255
then cd to the directory you have insatlled XGGI executable.  and type

./xggi -target directx &

post the output.  I want to see if you are having problems to laod GGI and GII libs.

By the way did you edit the ggi configuration file as described in the anouncement


Athos wrote:

> John Fortin drooled :
> > The mouse pointer is 'mostly' supposed to disappear when over the x-window
> > screen.
> I have the default 'X' mouse cursor on the window from the time it starts.
> > Try clicking on the screen, even if you can't see the mouse pointer.
> Tried that with no effect.  The X cursor remains stubbornly in the centre
> of the window.
> > The x-window cursor should appear.  You might also try moving the cursor to the
> > botton-right of the screen to re-sync it.
> Did try that, too, with no success.
> > I have to track down this bug.  I haven't had time yet.
> Understandable.  I think a lot of superb work has been done so far.  (Don't
> feel pressured by me.)  All I can offer is to help as I can (testing in
> this situation, etc.)
> --
> import lang.english.StandardDisclaimer;

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