XGGI implementation

Athos cyg@daedelus.cx
Mon Feb 21 13:40:00 GMT 2000

John Fortin drooled :

> The mouse pointer is 'mostly' supposed to disappear when over the x-window
> screen.

I have the default 'X' mouse cursor on the window from the time it starts.

> Try clicking on the screen, even if you can't see the mouse pointer.

Tried that with no effect.  The X cursor remains stubbornly in the centre
of the window.

> The x-window cursor should appear.  You might also try moving the cursor to the
> botton-right of the screen to re-sync it.

Did try that, too, with no success.

> I have to track down this bug.  I haven't had time yet.

Understandable.  I think a lot of superb work has been done so far.  (Don't
feel pressured by me.)  All I can offer is to help as I can (testing in
this situation, etc.)

import lang.english.StandardDisclaimer;

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