Vertical refresh rate under NT

Przemyslaw Bazarnik
Fri Aug 25 02:06:00 GMT 2000

Hi all!

Did anyone managed to set the vertical refresh frequency
of the Xserver (DX driver - fullscreen) under Windows NT?

On my NT WSK SP5 the refresh freq. of the screen opened 
has some obscure relation to desktop display mode I cannot figure out.
In any case I could not get it run higher than 75Hz.

It seems to be a pitfall of NT's DirectX 3.0 which does not seem
to allow to pass the refresh rate in IDirectDraw_SetDisplayMode call
used by xf_dx.c   
I see this is possible in DirectX 7 
 ( )

I know there is a set of DLLs to hack NT into supporting DX 5
( )
but I'm not sure if this is enough to support refresh argument in Set_DisplayMode.
Any DirectX experts here?

Or is there another way to run a X server with reasonable (controllable) 
refresh freq under NT? (short of running it in a window)


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