looked at site

Jenny Rowe jenrowe@emailchoice.com
Sun Aug 20 18:20:00 GMT 2000

I stopped by your site recently.

I felt there are some interesting opportunities in the marketplace for your site. Cascade Promotion is an Internet promotion company. Our specialty is marketing our customer's sites.
 To our customers that earn profits from their site, our service is FREE. What we mean by marketing is that we introduce your site in a prominent way to tens, thousands and even millions of potential customers every single day. 
Our particular strength is improving search engine placement and bringing hits to your site from myriad other sources with Guaranteed results.

We are so confident we can improve a web site's performance in many cases we make our charges only a percentage of improved volume or simply a small charge per additional web site hit. Of course, most of our customers prefer a flat fee, however if your site earns money we will increase it so that our fee costs you nothing. The performance of a web site in the new information age can make or break the future for a business.

Would you consider a link exchange with a popular related site? 
I invite you return this email and learn more about improving performance on the Web. Please indicate the home page of your site and we will provide a free analysis. 
Jenny Rowe
Sierra Promotion

I hope the e-mail address you advertise on the site is correct for this response. If I have reached you in error, disregard. No further correspondence will occur.

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