Installing server on Win98se

Suhaib Siddiqi
Fri Aug 18 12:18:00 GMT 2000

> Ah!  That's better.  I got it up this morning.
> Several questions to parade my ignorance --
> 1) Are there any of the spinning or bouncing ball variety of graphic
> demos around.  Every X package I've seen seems to include one?

No and they have nothing to do with X.  They are third party demos
included with X to fool you with pretty stuff.

Compile OpenGL or get from contril directory, it has them... but they
would not work with your server, it requires GLX extensions.

> 2) Issuing "env" to the XTerm indicates that some or all of
> the Cygwin mounts are visible, e.g. $TEMP="/local-disk/d/Temp"
> but $PKTEMP="D:\Temp\PKZip"
> Where does cygwin (cygwin1.dll) come into this?  I understand
> that the X-Server for Win98 is not integrated with cygwin.

needed only for xterm or cygwin compiled applications... and usually Cygwin
env applies
check with Cygwin mailing list if you have questions specific to

> 3) XTerm is obviously running an X-Nix shell, my "/bin" is at
> "C:/@/bin" and would not be visible without the cygwin mounts.
> Or is there a shell built into XTerm?

no shell.. it uses sh if you specifiy none.

or you specifiy to use bash if you want.  Check mailing list for
this, under xterm threads.


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