Installing server on Win98se

Suhaib Siddiqi
Wed Aug 16 03:42:00 GMT 2000

Install everything in c:\usr  NOt c:\cygwin\usr

then use btach file provided with archive to start x-server.


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> I downloaded both X-Servers-V1.0 & X-Servers-V1.0-exe from the contrib/
> directory.  I see there is some duplication.  I kept the newer of each
> duplicate.
> Now what?  I don't see anything that looked like installation notes. 
> Where were they?  
> I see there is a second cygwin1.dll.  I see a whole lot of traffic on
> the cygwin list saying having more than one can lead to serious
> unpleasantness.  Can I just get rid of this one?
> The PATH is all messed up and "start" complains that it can't find
> what it's looking for.  
> Clearly, I need some step by step direction.
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