Xfree/Cygwin for Starters

Anibal Morales anibalmorales@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 10 14:35:00 GMT 2000

Hello all!
I've been a user of Cygwin B20.1 on NT4 for several months
and it works like a charm. I also have installed the MIX
Xserver and libs and they work with no problems (I also
have Exceed on my PC... which helps me test software.)

Here is my problem: I need to do GLX development and saw the
Xfree86 project as my savior. So, I renamed my MIX X dir, which
is /usr/X11R6.4, and proceeded to follow the installation of
Xfree86 ans stated in the mini FAQ at

After following the FAQ, compiling/installing Xfree from
source, installing new drivers, etc., when I test a couple
of my simple test programs (hello world) that were running
fine with MIX, I get access violations/corruption problems...
with Exceed and with MIX server. (I adjusted my path to
point to /usr/X11R6 now...)

I rolled back to my MIX libs configuration... but I am eager to
try the Xfree86 libs. Please help! Someone lead me step by step.


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