NEdit still crashes

Sam Reynolds
Thu Aug 10 13:06:00 GMT 2000

I had a problem similar to the one reported by Karsten Fleischer:

I'm porting an old SunOS X Window program to NT using Cygwin Xfree and
LessTif with Exceed as the X server.

I was able to build the current X libraries and LessTif from source and to
build and successfully execute the X and LessTif test programs, but my own
application crashed in XtAppInitialize with a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

I traced the execution several layers under XtAppInitialize and found where
the bad address was encountered, in XtPreparseCommand in my case. The data
coming in to XtPreparseCommand was obviously scrambled.

I suspected at first that the compiler flags or -D defines in my makefile
which had worked on SunOS 8 years ago were bad for Cygwin gcc, so I copied
the ones from the X samples to my makefile. That didn't fix the problem.

I took another look at the sample makefiles compared to mine and found that
the -l options were in a different order. In my original makefile -lm was
the first to be scanned, but in the samples, it was the last. I moved -lm
to the end of my list, and was able to successfully execute the resulting

For those new to the GNU tools and UNIX, it's possible to scan the
libraries for references using the nm command. You can grep and sort the
resulting lists to see cases where definitions of the same name occur in
different libraries. Where multiple definitions occur, and one is good and
the other bad, the order of the -l makes the difference between successful
execution and a crash. A reference in one of the X libraries is more likely
to work with X than the ones in the standard libraries.

Perhaps changing the -l option order or the order of the explicitly
included libraries would solve Karsten's problem and some of the other
similar problems I've seen on this list.

Sam Reynolds

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