NEdit still crashes

Suhaib Siddiqi
Thu Aug 10 05:59:00 GMT 2000

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> Subject: RE: NEdit still crashes
> Haven't had a look at the sources of our modified NEdit yet, but they
> enhanced it somehow. Many buttons which call many functions from a library
> named libtool (no, nothing to do with GNU libtool).
> I think we have to use LessTif because we cannot use Open Motif
> on Windows,
> since it isn't an open OS. I think that's what I read in the lincense for
> Open Motif.

That is correct.  I checked with OpenGroup when OpenMOTIF was released.
Their Business Officer answer was, "Windows users needs Royalty based
license, regardless of technology used to compile on Windows".  Exceed
allows redistribution with any fees, if you can manage to hack their
libXm and statically link your applications to it.  You cannot redistribute
MOTIF DLLs from Exceed, as Exceed License reads.  I do have Licensed
source code of MOTIF 2.1.21 (not OpenMOTIF), but would rather not compile
it with Cygwin because Cygwin infecting it with GPL.

>And I don't think they will give me money to buy Motif, since
> this project is meant to be a "test".
> Anyway, one guy ported this huge project (~ 1.5 million lines of
> code) from
> Solaris/Motif to Linux/LessTif. I think this is a good sign that
> it will run
> on CygWin/LessTif, too.

In that case LessTif should work for you.


> Karsten
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> Subject: RE: NEdit still crashes
> >
> > Ah, I thought it was linked against LessTif 0.89.something. At least the
> > guys at say so.
> He lied ;-)
> > However, it's not so important at the moment. But I need to compile a
> > modified version of NEdit to port our development environment.
> > Hope this one
> > will do without crashes :)
> What do you mean by modified version of NEdit.
> >
> > After all this trouble last week, I'm very happy with XFree and
> > CygWin now.
> > A lot of our sources (written for Solaris, HP-UX and Linux)
> > compile without
> > any changes.
> Well LessTif is a good alternative to real MOTIF, but it does
> give problems with some applications.
> Suhaib

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