NEdit still crashes

Fleischer, Karsten (K.)
Thu Aug 10 05:54:00 GMT 2000

Haven't had a look at the sources of our modified NEdit yet, but they
enhanced it somehow. Many buttons which call many functions from a library
named libtool (no, nothing to do with GNU libtool).

I think we have to use LessTif because we cannot use Open Motif on Windows,
since it isn't an open OS. I think that's what I read in the lincense for
Open Motif. And I don't think they will give me money to buy Motif, since
this project is meant to be a "test".
Anyway, one guy ported this huge project (~ 1.5 million lines of code) from
Solaris/Motif to Linux/LessTif. I think this is a good sign that it will run
on CygWin/LessTif, too.


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To: Fleischer, Karsten (K.)
Subject: RE: NEdit still crashes

> Ah, I thought it was linked against LessTif 0.89.something. At least the
> guys at say so.

He lied ;-)

> However, it's not so important at the moment. But I need to compile a
> modified version of NEdit to port our development environment. 
> Hope this one
> will do without crashes :)

What do you mean by modified version of NEdit.

> After all this trouble last week, I'm very happy with XFree and 
> CygWin now.
> A lot of our sources (written for Solaris, HP-UX and Linux) 
> compile without
> any changes.

Well LessTif is a good alternative to real MOTIF, but it does
give problems with some applications.  


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