May xfree86 patches

William Wylde
Mon Sep 27 19:58:00 GMT 1999

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On 9/26/99, 10:06:09 PM, "Suhaib M. Siddiqi" <> 
wrote regarding May xfree86 patches:

> An interesting news,
> someone seems to have downloaded my pacthes for XFree86 4.0 developers
> snapshots from
> sourceware and submitted part of these patches to XFree86 team.  Today 
I was
> making a new set of pacthes against the recent XFree86 4.0 developers
> snapshot
> and notcied some my pacthes with __CYGWIN__ already in there.

> I sent a complain to Xfree86 list.  Now they are trying to figure out 
> log files
> who actually may have done this ;-)

> Suhaib

Look on the bright side, it'll make porting the next version of Xfree 
easier for you... :-)

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