X server installation problems

Suhaib M. Siddiqi SsiddiqiATInspirePharm.Com
Wed Sep 15 18:00:00 GMT 1999

First, Please address the questions to Cygwin mailing list.

Second,  the servers are not functional, yet.  Though, X-servers
compiled binaries are in the tar-balls, but important pieces,
such as DirectX and devices drivers are missing.

The pre-alpha-xfree binaries are intended for some developers
who are working on this project.  It saves them 5 hours of compilation
time, to test their drivers they are writing for cygwin-xfree.

Third, there is no link between X11R6.4-Cygwin-B20.1.tar.gz and Xfree
code/binaries.  You can not grap my X11R6.4 libraries from my Geocities
or Webjump URLs and get xfree code/binaries from Sourceware, then
try to mix and make a monster out of it.  It will not work.  The
Cygwin/Xfree code and binaries are X11R6.3 based (XFRee86 3.3.5)
and X11R6.4 is X11R6.4 from X Consortium, with no XFree86 
code in it.


On 15-Sep-99 Tony Chang wrote:
> I downloaded pre-alpha-xfree-cygwin-b20_1 and X11R6_4-Cygwin-B20_1_tar, and
> unzipped them. But, I don't know how to set up and start the X-server from
> Windows NT. Could you provide me any information about this? Do I need to
> download more files or packages in order to run it?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tony Chang

E-Mail: Suhaib M. Siddiqi <Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com>
Date: 15-Sep-99
Time: 20:51:56


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