xfree under cygwin

Suhaib Siddiqi ssiddiqiATinspirepharm.com
Tue Sep 14 09:54:00 GMT 1999

> I'm blocked because my mailer is open relay, so I figured I'd mail you
> directly.

If your SMTP host is listed in ORBS ( http://www.orbs.org ) then Cygwin
mailing lists will reject your posts.  This to reduce the spam on our
mailing lists.  You may consider contacting your ISP System Admin
and inform him that he is running an Open relay system which is
listed in ORBS.

I am cc'ing this message to cygwin-xfree list, so your message get posted.

> I'm looking to get xfree working under cygwin and noticed you
> seem to post
> patches regularly.  Do these get integrated back into the xfree
> tree?  i.e.
> the patches you submitted for 3.9.15, are they in .16?

The patches are not incorporated into official XFree86 tre yet.  I have not
submitted the patches to XFree86.org yet.  A lot of commercial X vendors
have vested interest  in  XFree86.org.  The objected to having using Cygwin
to build XFree86 and merge my patches into official Xfree86 tree.  Cygwin is
under GPL, merging my patches into XFree86 means
those X-server vendors would either purchase commercial license
of Cygwin or would not be able to bundle XF86 built with Cygwin with their
XFree86 organization, though is looking into it.  If you wish you can send
your compain to XFree86.org (devel@xfree86.org).

The XFree86 code with my patches built cleanly, though there are some tricks
involved.  Most important, you must extract XFree86 tar-balls on a binary
mounted cygwin disk, and compile on a binary mounted disk, otherise the some
UNIX specific Assembly code would not compile.

The only thing missing is devices drivers.  if you have knowledge of
writing devices drivers, then you can certainly help.  this is the last bump
(i hope so?) to have XFree86 servers functional.

> What can I do to help?  I won't be able to do a lot of compiling, but I'd
> really like to see it work since I'll need to use it for work, and they
> don't necessarily want to buy a server.  How clean should the .16
> build be?
> Thanks, Nils.

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