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Thu Nov 18 09:23:00 GMT 1999

John Fortin <fortinj@ibm.net> wrote:

> 	Thanks for the responses.  I've been looking at this mostly from
> another viewpoint.  The work I have been doing is creating a
> DirectX interface for GGI, and then be able to run XGGI from that. 
> I have gotten almost all the GGI functionality working under
> Full-screen DX.  

Once you get that going, it would make sense to try and merge the GGI 
stuff directly into the server. Specifically you will want to try and 
eliminate the function call overheads to the GGI layers if they are 
being called from any of the actual drawing code.

However I do believe this is the best approach to getting this 
working. The GGI driver is a chipset driver, and already has all the 
direct hardware support stripped out of it. 

> 	However, I believe that Mike can take the libraries I have
> written, and interface them.  Including setting the mode and pixel
> depth.  

Yep, it should be possible to do that.

> There is much more to be done, including (possible??) using the 3d
> primitives in a 2d fashion and gaining the hardware accel there. 

That is a possibility, but not everyone has a 3D accelerator 
(although it these days most people do ;-). That is one way that you 
can get access to hardware lines via DirectX, but the 3D stuff won't 
allow you to do hardware pattern fills or text (something that is 
still missing from DirectDraw). However DirectX 8.0 has a lot of this 
stuff coming down the pipe, as MS is trying to integrate the 
functionality of DirectX and GDI for their new GDI 2K stuff.

> 	The only part I really have left is the keyboard/mouse interface
> (using Direct Input, of course). 

A couple of people have already mentioned that Win32 versions of the 
X input handling stuff already exists in a few places. Perhaps using 
their code can get that done quickly.


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