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Kendall Bennett KendallB@scitechsoft.com
Wed Nov 17 18:47:00 GMT 1999

"Suhaib Siddiqi" <ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com> wrote:

> > There seems to be a lot of negativity towards this
> > project from others.
> > I'm not saying everything will be perfect first time, but
> > some of the
> > responses are almost rude..
> >
> > John
> Most of the negative comments about this project are comming from
> commercial X server vendors for Windows. They had often flamed me
> on XFree86 developers list.

I have to say that I do not agree with the above comment, at least to 
the extent that commercial vendors have flamed you on the XFree86 
developer list because their interests are at stake (you may well 
have been flamed in private email). 

If you are thinking of my responses to the project on the list, I 
have no problem with XFree86 being ported to the Win32 platform (in 
fact I encourage it). We are looking to enter that market eventually, 
but right now we don't have a product and I personally would find 
such as XFree86 server very useful.

> It is understood that their business interests are at stake, if we
> could succeed in having xfree86 for Win32. Free86 server for Linux
> has kept commercial X servers prices under control. A while ago,
> one xfree86 developer on xfree86 list mentioned that a xfree86 for
> Win32 may make several X server vendors for Windows go out of
> business or force them to sell their product for 50 bucks like they
> do for Linux.  

Can you dig up that email? I follow the XFree86 developer list quite 
extensively and I don't ever recall such a conversation. I do recall 
a number of non-Win32 developers saying that a fullscreen only 
solution would be useless; something I disagree with also.

> Commercial X server vendors have a tremendous interest in
> xfree86.org and a few of them try to impose their will. 

I imagine that the XFree86 BOD would have quite a laugh at the above. 
I don't know of any commercial X server vendor who has *any* pull 
over the XFree86 sources, nor tries to impose their will on the 
project. If you think otherwise you are misinformed.


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